Inkjet Alternative Fluids

Maximize your savings, and optimize the performance of your high-resolution, drop-on-demand, and continuous inkjet coders with the excellence of Fam International products: replacement inks for Videojet® and Imaje®, make-up fluids and cleaners are on offer for a wide range of inkjet printers, like the Imaje® and Willett® ink jet printers.
Fam International stocks standard-formula inkjet fluids for most major brands of non-impact printers, such as ink for Videojet®, Imaje®, Domino®, Linx®, Willett®, Markem®, Hitachi®, Leibinger®, Citronix®. Our knowledgeable chemists and technicians develop optimal formulas of colorants, vehicles and additives for the above mentioned and other leading brands of small-character printers.
Fam International will formulate inks and solvents to your specifications, then thoroughly test them. Our experts thrive on the special challenges that new combinations of process, substrate and product presentand the success in meeting those challenges.
Innovative ink chemistry is the core of our business and our aim is to design and manufacture inks for the most difficult customers applications, like Ink for Videojet® and Imaje® & Make-Up Fluids for Imaje® printers .
We provide quality replacement make up fluids for printers manufactured by Domino, Hitachi®, Linx®, Videojet® and Willett®.
Fam International is a full service company. We also provide spare Parts Videojet, Markem Image, Make up Videojet, Makeup Hitachi, Spare Parts Videojet, Parts Willett, Printer Hitachi, Make Up Domino, Ink Leibinger or more. Every year we save money and reduce costly downtime for thousands of appreciative customers by shipping most of our products within 24 hours.

Inks for:
• Marsh®
• Willett®
• Diagraph®
• VideoJet®
• Imaje®
• Domino®
• Matthews®
• Zanasi®
• Kobold®