Drop-on-demand Inkjet Printing Technology

We offer modern drop-on-demand inkjet printing technology perfectly reflected in a special line of our products. We designed these products for a complete range of applications implementing the latest DOD technology and printing standards in line with modern demands. Our DOD inkjet printer Famjet Makro is designed for marking any material and a variety of types of substrates such as pipes, bags insulation sleeves, fabrics, extruded packing, using the electromagnetic technology.

Drop-on-demand inkjet printing technology offers flexible customization features. It offers reliable print quality at lower cost with its superior adhesion resistance and fast speed printing.

Our DOD inkjet printer Famjet Makro has a record of solving the most challenging industrial and packaging coding applications. All models feature print-heads suitable for a wide range of inks, such as water-based, mek-based, alcohol-based and pigmented. Famjet Makro system is designed to operate in hard environment conditions such as dust, humidity, vibrations, extreme temperatures and aggressive substances.

Discover our complete range of products with DOD inkjet technology.



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