Famjet MAXI (3,5” Touchscreen)

Hi-resolution printer (up to 750 dpi) featuring thermal inkjet technology (TIJ) and first in the world to use the new Kao Collins® 1” (25,4mm) thermal inkjet cartridges suitable on porous, semi-porous and non-porous materials.
MAXI is the natural evolution of the TL-300DK inkjet printer, especially in secondary packaging printing applications where it is required a print engine with bigger dimensions. The advantage of having a single 1” (25,4mm) cartridge is the ability to print higher quality Barcodes, 2D codes and logos provided there is no need to stitch together more pens to print such information.
With the new Famjet MAXI-DUAL printhead you can print up to 50mm (2”) messages.

Display (user interface) Touch screen (3.5″)
Resolution: Up to 750 dpi
Environment Operating Temperature: 5°/40° C – Controller Storage Temperature:-10°/60°C – Cartridge Storage Temperature: 2°/50°C – Humidity: Up to 70%
Printing Speed: 124 mt/min at a resolution of 150 dpi – 62 mt/min at a resolution of 300 dpi 31 mt / min at a resolution of 600 dpi
Power Supply: AC: 110v-220v a 50-60Hz, 1A – DC: 15v, 2A
Print Height: Up to 50 mm, using the Dual pen stall
Weight: 4kg
Consumables: Kao Collins® 1” cartridges water or solvent-base for porous and non-porous surfaces
Printable Characters: Text & variable data: production/expiration date, counter, shift code, Julian date. Logo: up to 200 logos in memory. Bar Codes saved as logos
External Interface: LAN, USB, WI-FI connection, I/O port, encoder, external sensor, ready command, low ink, external alarm lamp
Accessories: Alarm lamp – Editor PC software
Operating Temperature: 5° C / 40° C
Storage Temperature: Controller: -10° C / 60° C – Cartridge: 2° C / 50° C
Humidity: Up to 70%
Dimensions: Print Head: H 61 x L 28 x P 82 mm
Controller: H 122 x L108 x P 110 mm



Download Famjet MAXI (3,5” Touchscreen)


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