Deliver both beauty of functionality and reliability

PC coder Jet CCS-3000
Deliver both beauty of functionality and reliability

KGK CCS-3000DP is the OPAQUE version of the 3000 Series which can use white, yellow and blue pigmented inks.
• Removable 10.4 inch color Touch Panel
• Reduced operational costs. Up to 35% make up consumption reduction.
• Nozzle capping system
• User Interface to prompt intuitive operation
• QR code and data Matrix support
• Up to 999 messages and 4.096 characters per each message
• External UBS memory supported
• CE certified and RoHS complied.
• Up to 10 digits Counters
• Multiple languages available
• Improved communication speed, Ethernet support
• Embedded head heater for operation in a cold environment
• Air pressurized system to keep the printhead inside cleaned from dust.

Maximum number of lines: 6
Maximum Speed 412 m/min
IP rate IP65
Ordinary Maintence 8.000h or 5 years
Umbilical Length 3.5m or 6m
Communications RS-232 – Usb, Lan,I/O
Positive air Yes
Display (user interface) Touch screen 10.4 removable



700x700 (4)

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