Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ)

Our CIJ inkjet printers of KGK Jet & brand range represent ultimate and high-quality solutions for modern industrial needs. FAM International CCS-3000 models feature newest KGK inkjet printers technologies to ensure top quality of printing results, extended reliability, performance and cost effectiveness that id feasible for the most sophisticated demands. An assortment of KGK Inkjet inks, accessories and consumables able to meet the specific needs reducing operational costs and implementing newest technologies to increase performance and comply with latest requirements. Our CIJ printers will become a perfect solution for companies that require quality and reliable inkjet printers.

The KGK Jet printers deliver both beauty of performances and reliability. We offer models of the latest generation considering technical features, completeness of the software and reduced maintenance. KGK inkjet printer models are made with resistant materials to ensure high performance, high productivity and durability: stainless steel cabinet, printheads with automatic cleaning and purging system reduce daily maintenance to minimum. Alongside the KGK inkjet solutions exclusively distributed by FAM International, provide optional accessories such as encoders, 3-level lamps, brackets for printing heads and wheel trolleys to complete our collection of printers with CIJ technology.

We will provide you with all necessary materials, accessories and consumables for your KGK inkjet printing needs and CIJ printer technology solutions to ensure reasonable reducing of expenses without any quality compromises.